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  • Best IT Subreddits

  • Looking for places that live and breathe information technology? I love reading anything and everything IT. Below you will find my list of the Best IT Subreddits. At the bottom of the page you will find some notable posts from the past year for just some of the subreddits.

    • /r/sysadmin - A subreddit dedicated to System Administrations as a whole. Probably one of the best IT subreddits.
    • /r/msp - Resources and discussions usually dedicated to Managed Services Providers.
    • /r/homelab - Subreddit dedicated for people interested in or currently using amazing setups at home such as SAN's, servers and much more.
    • /r/talesfromtechsupport - Exactly what it sounds like. Tales regarding technical support from people all over the world.
    • /r/ccna - Gathering place for CCNA's or those thinking of obtaining one.
    • /r/vmware - An unofficial VMware subreddit. Pretty much everything virtual.
    • /r/docker - A subreddit dedicated to the open-source software Docker and it's lightweight containers.
    • /r/iiiiiiitttttttttttt/ - Subreddit dedicated to Information Technology related rage.
    • /r/CompTIA/ - Community dedicated to CompTIA certifications.
    • /r/commandline - Anything regarding the command line, in any operating system.
    • /r/devops/ - Subreddit dedicated to the DevOps movement. Discussions of upcoming technologies and more.
    • /r/linuxadmin - Subreddit dedicated to Linux Sysadmins and Linux knowledge.
    • /r/debian - Subreddit dedicated to the Debian operating system.
    • /r/windows - Self explanatory. Everything Windows.
    • /r/virtualization - Subreddit dedicated to virtualization. Not as active as the other ones.

    Some notable posts:

    Why you should always lock your computer before you leave your desk.

    Denying 2,400 Windows 7 computer from logging on after 6 months of warnings.

    MRI disables every iOS device in the facility.

    RMM Survey

    Datto lays off over 30 employees.

    Mini Homelab

    My one year old can figure this stuff out.

    I need you to stop my employee from working. Immediately.

    There is many more posts I'd want to include but didn't feel like extending this whole blog post beyond a reasonable length. Hopefully this list of the best IT subreddits will help you find one or more that you'll enjoy reading.