Artur Tyksinski - Sysadmin Blog

Artur Tyksinski - Sysadmin Blog

System Administration Blog by Artur Tyksinski. I talk about anything and everything technology. Mostly Virtualization, MSP, Cyber Security and Linux.


Artur Tyksinski - Sysadmin Blog

Technical Guides

A catch all tag regarding resolutions to all sorts of issues. From Office365 password resets to setting up nginx servers with load balancing. My goal is to have a guide for every single thing I’ve ever had to do more than once.

CentOS7 Set Hostname

Are you looking to set or change the hostname on CentOS7? The guide below will go through the easy steps on setting the hostname. Check your existing hostname by issuing the below command: hostnamectl This command should return some information about your machine as well as show the current stati…

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