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  • Quickbooks Database Service Not Starting

  • Is your Quickbooks Database Service not starting? Are you running into issues with getting your Quickbooks Database Manager service running? Newer version of Quickbooks utilize random ports that sometime conflict with the ports reserved for the DNS Server service. The permanent fix for this issue is to change the range of ports for your Quickbooks Database Manager inside of the QBGLOBALAPPCONFIG.INI file.

    If your Quickbooks Database Manager is not starting, follow the guide below:

    1. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Quickbooks
    2. Edit file QBGLOBALAPPCONFIG.ini
    3. You should see something along the lines of '[QBDBPortFinder] StartPortNumber=55333'
    4. Change the start port number to something below 49147.

    Once these changes have been made, the Quickbooks Database Server will be able to operate within the range of ports outside of the ones dynamically allocated by Windows. You can confirm which ports are being used by running the netstat -b command inside of an elevated command prompt.